Your Path Forward Starts with the Goals You Set

Your Path Forward Starts with the Goals You Set

Turn Dreams into Goals

Everyone dreams. Some people make their dreams come true. What separates the dreamer from the achiever? Goals. Turning dreams into goals and goals into action is the secret sauce of the most successful people. We all know this. And yet less than 3% of Americans have written goals. Brian Tracy, a motivational speaker and self-development author of more than 70 books says, “The ability to set goals and make plans for their accomplishment is the ‘master skill’ of success.”

Tracy also identifies five reasons he believes people don’t set goals.  Of the five, he says fear of failure is the number one reason people don’t set goals. Click here to learn more. He adds, “Becoming an expert at goal-setting and goal-achieving is something you absolutely must do if you wish to fulfill your potential as a human being.” Provocative statement. I agree with Mr. Tracy. We can dream and wish our lives away or we can set goals and live the life of our dreams. Your path forward starts with the goals you set.

What do you want to achieve? What do you dream about, but not sure how to make it happen?

Learning the How and Why of Your Goal

I wish I could tell you something novel about goal-setting that you’ve not heard before. Truth is, you’ve probably heard it all. Set goals. Write them down. Review them often. Pursue them diligently. Make your goals SMART (Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time-bound.). So, if that hasn’t helped goal-avoiders before, what will? Though fear of failure may stop some individuals from setting and accomplishing their goals, I believe there is another culprit. I believe some people don’t know how to set clear goals and they don’t know the why of their goal. That’s where I believe I can help.

In my profession, I help individuals, teams and organizations set goals and improve performance. The same approach I use to help an individual achieve a personal goal or teams increase their performance and an organization plan for a merger or reach a new customer base is the same approach you can use to set and reach your goals. It’s a simple approach I call D5: Perform Better. D5 is effective for two reasons. First, it is practical and easy to remember. Second, D5 was developed on the premise that powerful questions can lead to meaningful and positive change.

The D5 approach is a logical progression of questions, decisions and actions that guide you from inception to goal achievement. There are five steps in the approach and all the steps begin with the letter, “D”: Define. Discover. Design. Do. Document. I told you it was easy to remember. Each step has questions to answer and an output that leads to the next step. I believe D5: Perform Better is a difference maker for those who have dreams, but who lose their way on the journey toward making their dreams come true.

D5: Perform Better helps individuals, teams and organizations set clear goals and improve performance.

It’s Time for Your Path Forward

I invite each reader to give D5: Perform Better a try. To help you, I have a limited number of D5 card decks to send to readers who are willing to put their goals to work with D5. The card decks contain questions that are designed to give you the clarity you need to move forward in confidence. If you are ready for your path forward, enter your contact information on the Contact Us page on The Social Scholar blog site. In the message field, indicate you would like to receive a D5: Perform Better card deck and your shipping address. During this introductory period, there is no cost to you. So, what do you have to lose? You have everything to gain. It’s time for your path forward.

Whether you decide to use D5: Perform Better for a personal goal or a professional goal, I am confident that D5 can help you turn dreams into reality. If you decide not to use D5: Perform Better, I still wish you great success with your goals. Dreaming is nice, but making those dreams come true is pretty awesome.


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