Random Thought: The School Bus Driver

Random Thought: The School Bus Driver

A Transcribed Memo About the School Bus Driver

I was on my way to work March 21, 2016, and I recorded a voice memo on my phone. I happened to listen to it the other day, as I was cleaning out old messages. Something said, don’t erase it. Write a post about the thought and share it with others. So, here’s the post, transcribed from my voice recording. I send this forth in obedience to the still, small voice inside me. I hope you receive it as I meant it – a tribute and thanksgiving to the men and women who transport our children to school every day.

Mr. School Bus Driver, Thank you! (Voice Memo Recording)

Here’s a random thought. I was watching a school bus driver as I was leaving my house for work. The school bus driver, a black male, was sitting in the parked bus. Perhaps he was ahead of schedule and so needed to pause for a bit. I thought to myself, did he ever imagine when he was riding the school bus as a young student that he would someday be driving students to school? Then, I turned to myself, of course, and I said, what if I were a school bus driver, what would I do?

I think that school bus drivers have an awesome and important job. They’re carrying our kids to school. They are the first interaction many kids have outside of the home as they go off to school. So, it’s a great opportunity for the school bus driver to say a quick prayer for the kids who ride his or her bus. Perhaps I would hand out affirmation cards every day to kids because they need to be affirmed and told they are awesome. Whatever they put their minds to, they can achieve. Maybe I would hand out an apple or granola bar to the children who did not have a chance to eat anything that morning because we know kids can’t learn when they are hungry. So, I say a prayer for that man that I saw this morning. I say, “Thank you, sir” for doing such an important job for all of us. God bless.

The School Bus Driver is a Critical Role

That was my voice memo recording. Now, let’s remember to be grateful for those who do the jobs that are so easily taken for granted. It’s true. The small things become big things. In my profession as a talent manager, we often talk about critical roles in a company. It’s natural that people immediately go to the president of the company and his or her staff. But, often, it’s the person who is down the line in terms of organizational hierarchy that is also sitting in those critical roles. The organization would not function if that role is not filled with great, talented people. It’s the same for our schools. If my “company” was a school, I’d definitely include the bus driver as a critical role. They get up early weekday mornings, driving through inclement weather, greeting children, and keeping them safe. They put up with unruly children who can sometimes be disrespectful. The school bus drivers become friends to our children, and sometimes they are the first to notice when something is not right. I don’t know what made me stop to notice the bus driver on that morning over two years ago. I remember tears coming to my eyes – tears of gratitude for him. I’m thankful for that mindful moment. Thank you to all of the school bus drivers out there. I see you, and I appreciate you.


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